Skating rink

A favourite of young and old alike, our skating rink can be used for hockey games
because it's regulation size. It can also be used for free skate sessions
after opening up additional sections at the ends.


Access to the skating rink

Card of 5 points in sale at Mega Parc ticket booths ($3,85 PLUS TAXES)

Free Skate Schedule

Daily schedule

Skating Rink closed

For information: 418-627-5800
Schedule can change without prior notice.

Free Skate Rules and Regulations

The skaters must adapt their speed and their behaviour to the others on the ice.

None of the following objects is tolerated on the skating rink: chairs, strollers, hockey sticks, backpacks and others.

It is equally important to respect the official’s rules and to skate in the required direction.

It strictly is forbidden:

  • to skate with a stroller;
  • to drink or eat on the skating rink;
  • to sit on the edge or to stop and wait at the sides of the rink;
  • to skate backwards, to zigzag, to do figure or speed skating;
  • to use speed skates;
  • to play games (tag) or to train for hockey on the skating rink (stop & go);
  • to be on the skating rink when the ice is being resurfaced;
  • to skate with a child in your arms;
  • to throw objects on the ice;
  • to use cones on the ice.

We highly recommend wearing helmets and long clothing, especially for young children and non-experienced skaters.

Point cards to access the skating rink are available at ticket booths located on the first floor of the Mega Parc.

We are not responsible for accidents and lost or stolen objects.

Skate sharpening, skate rentals, helmets and other equipment are available at the Pro-Service shop (Pro Shop) located at the level of the skating rink. For information, call 418-628-1156.

NEW : Skate assistance rack available in location.

The Méga Parc cannot be held liable for any accident or loss that may occur using the rides or skating rink, including any damage or wear to clothing.

Skating Rink Rental

The Méga Parc's skating rink is available for rental at certain times. Thanks to its regulation-size dimensions, it can be used for hockey games, hockey schools, figure skating, free skate sessions and more.

For more information on the range of possible activities and the availability of the rink, please contact the Méga Parc’s administrative offices at 418-627-5802, ext. 156.