Skate on a 750 m track encircling the Mega Parc, for 3 hours.

Skate rental available ($9 + taxes for 3 hours).

Early Skater Learning Aid rental available ($3 + taxes).

From Monday to Wednesday, access to Patinarium costs 2 $ for persons aged 55 and over. To benefit from this pricing, go to ticketing located on level 0.

Intensity level


Ride type

  • Family
  • Adult
  • Toddler
  • Kid
  • Teen
  • Capacity 300
  • Origin Quebec
  • Path length 750 feet
  • Amount of lights 0


The skaters must adapt their speed and behavior to the others on the ice. None of the following objects are tolerated on the ice: chairs, strollers, hockey sticks, backpacks and other objects which could affect the security of other skaters. We reserve all rights to refuse access to the ice rink to anyone not respecting security rules deemed appropriate by our attending personnel.

• drink or eat on the skating rink itself;
• sit or to place objects on the edge of the boards;
• stop or form groups along the side of the rink; skate backwards, zigzag or skate in the opposite direction;
• figure skate or practice speed skating;
• wear speed skates on the ice;
• play games of any kind (such as TAG)
• practice hockey (including Stop & Go exercices);
• be on the ice when being resurfaced;
• carry a child in your arms while skating;
• throw objects on the ice;
• use cones on the ice.

We highly recommend to wear a helmet as well as gloves and full length clothing; especially for children and inexperienced skaters.


Do not get on a ride if you are intoxicated; have had recent surgery; have problems with your heart, neck, or back; have high pressure; are pregnant; or have a physical condition that may be aggravated by the ride.

All Mega Parc users agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Galeries de la Capitale, its owners, managers, representatives, along with its officers, employees, agents, mortgagees, successors, assigns, and all other persons for whom they are accountable before the law (collectively the “Releasees”) of any obligation, action, cause of action, claim, damage, lawsuit, expense, or request whatsoever that they may have at this time or that they may hold against the Releasees for any personal injury (including death) to themselves, to their children, or to any other person(s) under their responsibility, or for any property damage resulting from their use, or that of their children or any other person(s) for whom they are responsible, of Mega Parc and the amusement rides therein.

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