Ride the great spokeless Ferris wheel—the park’s undisputed star attraction.

Intensity level


Ride type

  • Family
  • Adult
  • Toddler
  • Kid
  • Teen


48 IN

Accompanied by an adult

0 - 48 IN


680 LB

  • Capacity 96
  • Origin USA
  • Number of gondolas 24
  • Year of development 2018
  • Weight 45 400 kg
  • Height 75 feet


An adult must accompany children not meeting the minimum height requirement of 48 inches (122 cm). All users must pay the entry fee. Passengers must keep hands and feet inside gondola and remain seated at all times. Each gondola may be loaded with a maximum of 4 passengers or 680 lbs. Do not lean against door and do not rocking the gondola. No food or beverages are allowed on the ride. Any item that could be dropped must be left at the entrance (cellphones, keys, glasses, sunglasses, cameras, hats, scarfs, backpacks, bags, hand bags, etc.). Shoes and proper attire are required.


Do not get on a ride if you are intoxicated; have had recent surgery; have problems with your heart, neck, or back; have high pressure; are pregnant; or have a physical condition that may be aggravated by the ride.

All Mega Parc users agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Galeries de la Capitale, its owners, managers, representatives, along with its officers, employees, agents, mortgagees, successors, assigns, and all other persons for whom they are accountable before the law (collectively the “Releasees”) of any obligation, action, cause of action, claim, damage, lawsuit, expense, or request whatsoever that they may have at this time or that they may hold against the Releasees for any personal injury (including death) to themselves, to their children, or to any other person(s) under their responsibility, or for any property damage resulting from their use, or that of their children or any other person(s) for whom they are responsible, of Mega Parc and the amusement rides therein.

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Méga Parc will be closed on June 24 and July 1.

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